Certified IFRS 17 Implementation Masterclass (Nairobi)

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Nairobi Kennya

An all-encompassing educational and developmental experience for insurance professionals from throughout Africa

This workshop will be facilitated by an IFRS expert who has been involved in IFRS 17 implementation


IFRS 17 changes fundamentally the way in which an insurance entity reports its financial dimensions and results for a given
period and over time. After investing 20 or so years of development effort into IFRS 17, the IASB are highly confident in their
expectation that it will bring greater transparency and comparability about the profitability of both new and existing
insurance contract business. The requirement to report the insurance and financial result separately will not only help to
achieve this expectation but will also provide analysts and others with better information about the overall quality of
insurance entity earnings.
The impact on individual insurance entities will be highly variable depending on their previous policies and practice, and the
nature of the insurance business they contract, especially whether it is short tailed or life. There will consequently be many
and varied impacts on the reported numbers and metrics.
Preparing for and implementing IFRS 17 will be problematic and challenging. It will require considerable effort to gain an
initial understanding of the impact on the reported numbers as well as the upgrades to process and systems to ensure they
can provide IFRS 17 compliant data. This will require, from an early stage, coordination and dialogue between functions such
as Actuarial, Finance and IT in executing an IFRS 17 implementation project. Furthermore, dialogue with business users and
investors should be early and extensive in order to minimise the possibility of and impact of any 'unpleasant surprises'.
The Masterclass is aimed at not only preparers and users of accounts but also implementation team members and will help
them get to grips with IFRS 17 by providing, at the very least, an initial working knowledge of the rules, how the numbers are
constructed and presented and the story that they are telling.


US$1 400 (Online Course for Nairobi and Lagos)
US$1 800 (Face-to-face Course for Nairobi and Lagos)


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    • Nairobi Kennya
    • Nairobi
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    • Kenya

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