Consulting Expertise



Dupleix Institute is a specialised and international consulting firm that offers financial advisory, risk management and strategy expertise to financial institutions and governments in Africa. We offer the following value-adding consulting services:

Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM)

We offer the following services:

Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM) framework implementation

  • Development and drafting of Risk frameworks and policies
  • Implementation of ERM frameworks
  • Facilitation of risk identification sessions
  • Development of Risk Registers and Risk and Control Self-Assessments
  • Assessment of ERM maturity levels
  • Development of risk strategies

End-to-end Credit Risk process reviews

  • Development and drafting of Credit Risk frameworks
  • Assessment of Credit Risk Management maturity levels
  • Development of a Credit Risk strategy

Basel II/III/IV implementation

  • End-to-end implementation of Basel II/III/IV for financial institutions
  • Assessment of Basel II/III maturity levels
Strategic Asset and Liability Management (ALM)

Process Implementation

  • Development of ALM frameworks and policies
  • Implementation of ALM frameworks
  • Assessment of ALM maturity levels
  • Development of an ALM strategy
Business Continuity Management (BCM)


  • Business Continuity Management frameworks
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Testing of Business Continuity Plans & Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Resilience Capability
  • BCM Toolkit
Strategy Advisory


  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions
  • Development of strategic plans
  • Development of balanced scorecards
  • Development of business plans
Financial Advisory


  • Bookkeeping and Tax services for SME’s
  • Implementation of new accounting standards
  • Implementation of budgeting and forecasting processes within the organisation
  • Due diligence engagement
  • Cost savings and optimisation reviews and implementation
Financial and Risk Modelling


  • Budgeting and Forecasting Models
  • Stress Testing Models
  • Pricing Models
  • Credit Scoring Models
  • IFRS 9 Impairment Models
  • Business Planning Models