Welcome to Dupleix Institute

Thought Leadership


Who we are

Our Trainers are selected for exceptional intelligence, analytical ability, and communication skills. Those chosen to work at Dupleix Institute demonstrate a high energy level, a willingness to work exceptionally hard, and belief in their personal responsibility to make the end product better.

Our employees are representative of diverse backgrounds and interests, however, they all possess the core qualities that we look for in representatives of our firm.

Fast Learners

We look for those individuals who can soak up knowledge quickly and are always thinking on their feet. People that are eager to expand their knowledge and skills thrive at Dupleix Institute.


Our employees always maintain the highest degree of professionalism. Our professional manner is most evident in the quality of the work we produce and the way we present and communicate our findings.


Our analysts are expected to manage their responsibilities in a timely and accurate manner, as well as be able to present their findings to the officers of the firm and to our clients.

Independent Thinkers

We seek out not only the brightest but the most intellectually curious minds that are capable of developing innovative ideas for solving complex problems.

Team Players

Dupleix Institute is about teamwork and believes collaborative efforts leverage the best of the experiences of several individuals to produce superior results. Members of Dupleix Consulting teams are all inspired by tough challenges, smart colleagues, and interesting clients.

Confident Self-Starters

We value individuals who take initiative to push their thinking to the next level and who thrive on having substantial accountability early on in their career.

We focus our recruiting efforts on university graduates for our analyst positions, but we welcome applications from experienced candidates.

How to apply

If you are a university graduate or experienced candidate, send your CV and cover letter to recruiting@dupleixinstitute.com