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Custom Training, Leadership Development and Coaching

Custom Education Programmes

Dupleix Institute is able to design customised learning programmes that will enable clients to achieve their strategic objectives. The design process is as follows:

  1. Understand the client’s strategy and objectives
  2. Design a learning programme that is linked to business objectives
  3. Identify educators from our global database who are better placed to deliver the Learning Programme
  4. Deliver the Programme and
  5. Measure the business impact of the intervention

Approach to the learning intervention

Dupleix Institute believes in customised education that will enable an organisation to meet it business goals. We will take our time to understand the strategic objectives of the client and design the content so that enables participants to contribute in the achievement of the business goals.

Dupleix Institute has delivered customised training interventions in 4 countries in Southern Africa namely South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Namibia. We believe in bringing a global/regional perspective in training interventions. Dupleix Institute employs a variety of methods to enhance learning. For the workshops that run, the following is normally done:

  1. Participants will be allowed to reflect on the content being delivered and will be given an opportunity to commit to implementing two or three ideas from the training. All our training interventions end up with a public commitment to implementing some ideas from the training. The participants workbooks have space to write commitments which will serve as a reminder of the points noted in the training
  2. Case studies are an effective way of enhancing learning. We use a case studies to enhance learning and promote the adoption of best practice
  3. Video clips particularly humorous ones in our experience also enhance learning. We will use relevant video clips to enhance learning and
  4. Dupleix Institute will design team-based exercises to enhance the learning.

Training Methodology

Our approach to training interventions is based Dr Donald Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model and Dr Jack Phillips’ ROI method. This approach can be summarised as follows:

Leadership Development Programmes

Dupleix Institute is able to design short-term programmes aimed to enhancing the leadership capacity within our client’s organisations

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

Dupleix Institute is able to design short-term coaching and mentoring programmes to our clients.